Machine Learning as a Service

Machine Learning as a Service

Experienced team providing Machine Learning as a services (cloud based) which includes a range of services that offer ML tools (data visualization, API’s, Image recognition, NLP, deep learning, predictive analytics etc.) as part of the cloud computing services.

Benefits of our MLaaS:

  • Get a complete roadmap to your AI journey
  • Achieve faster results without huge investment in software or hardware. Just work with us to pick and choose a service that’s suited best for your business requirements
  • Improve technology & enhance services .
  • Achieve greater productivity with lesser cost, time and efforts


Data Acquisition
(Data Engineering Phase)

Where data is collected, prepared and forwarded for processing

Data Processing
(Feature Engineering)

Where features (preprocessing, sample selection and the training of datasets) that describe the structures inherent in your data are analyzed and selected

Model Engineering
(Machine Learning Phase)

Design algorithms & ML Models
Model Fitting
Model Evaluation


Processed and trained data is used for execution of ML routines


Deploy business usable results of the ML process to enterprise applications or data stores

(Manage & Govern)

Information Governance (Meta data, Data Quality, Data Modeling, MDM)
Data Management (Data Admin, Security, Privacy)

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