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Artificial Intelligence

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AURA AI suite comprises of artificial intelligence layers that can be augmented to enterprise business systems to accelerate and reap AI benefits. AURA AI suite comes with containerized digital assets that are platform agnostic, customizable and are Ready to Run. Popular benefits of AURA are minimizing AI implementation times up to 30%, reducing TCO and minimizing risk from digital disruption

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AI-Powered Document Data Capture

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Create real value in your business processes by automating document data extraction with AI DCap. AI DCap can Save time and money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by 95% in your document data extraction processes. AI DCap does not need any templates, keywords, formal definitions, taxonomies, or any indexing to execute data extraction, information processing and final output. It extracts right set of information, regardless of size, format, language or even symbol used in documents of any types.

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Computer Vision

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Computer Vision computer vision includes Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Facial Recognition and Machine vision. AURA AR /VR is fused with AI that helps highlight defects for smart and swift reaction. AURA facial recognition can be leveraged across a wide variety of applications such as marketing, security and visitor registration systems. Machine vision can be leveraged to analyze manufacturing images and detect quality problems.

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Computer Vision
Data Engineering

Data Engineering

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RandomTrees enables its clients to get the most out of their data by providing a full set of data engineering services and solutions that optimize your analytics, data science and data warehouse initiatives. We combine our services with AURA accelerators that enables faster integration of analytics and AI into business processes and reduce time to value.
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AI Process Layers

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